NP Properties corporate cultural values

Our business philosophy is based on our corporate culture values, in accordance with which we are building the relations between our employees, our attitude and cooperative approach to our customers and partners, and ultimately to society as a whole. In our corporate culture, we appreciate the following values:


The attitude of our employees towards the work and entrusted duties is characterised by enthusiasm. We believe that the desire to give support, to find a qualitative, safe solution and to carry out your duties efficiently is not possible without enthusiastic approach to the job you are doing.


Creativity within the culture of our Company means the ability of employees to find safe, quick and efficient solutions in everyday situations adapted to the business needs by creating original ideas, new material and spiritual values, thus conferring a special added value to the services provided by the Company.


Responsibility is the basis for the attitude of our employees and is manifested as high sense of duty regarding the set objectives and tasks, concern about optimal use of involved resources as well as respectful attitude to participating colleagues, clients and cooperation partners.


We think that really full relations are honest relationship which is based on mutual trust, regardless whether they are relations between employees, clients or cooperation partners. Trust in colleagues, fulfilment of promises, honest actions and benevolent conduct are essential components of the Company’s environment.

Personal growth

We highly appreciate the efforts of every employee in the domain of personal growth, because the employees who constantly perfect themselves and help others to grow are the greatest asset of the Company. The endeavours of employees to enhance their self-awareness by developing their talents, capabilities and professional know-how, perfecting social skills and art of relationship formation, as well as the desire to increase their life quality are invaluable gain for the Company as a whole.

Corporate philosophy



NP Properties is the leading, most popular and accessible developer and manager of industrial parks in Latvia, which through understanding of needs of entrepreneurs and offering a wide range of support services provides to the companies a suitable industrial environment where they can focus on their development.


The objective of NP Properties is to become a multi-functional supporter of entrepreneurial activity environment and community. To achieve this, such tasks have been set: to strengthen the business of industrial parks and optimise the resources of immovable property; to develop the business direction of project management; to develop the activity sphere of power and alternative energy.

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